Thursday, 29 January 2015

Introduction to AppsTransport


Since my NYC Bus Time App has been removed for quite some time and yet I still receive emails to publish it for the sake for the recent snow storm. I am not able to publish it as Apple say "upon receipt of written notification from MTA New York City Transit agreeing that the changes made to your app resolve this matter to MTA New York City Transit's satisfaction, we may return your app to the App Store. " The MTA officer that has complained to Apple and is required to notify Apple in order to republish my app is contactable at Please email to him directly if you want my updated app to republish by Apple. There is the only thing you can do since he does not reply to my email on the updated app. If you need the full email corresponding, please contact me at He may recommend you good alternative bus app too.

NYC Bus Time app iOS has been removed from iTune store due to a complain from MTA official about the app and the decision of Apple to remove my app. As the timing data belongs to MTA and she wants her passengers to use her official bus app, I am no longer needed. Thank you very much for  past usage. Please email MTA if you have further enquires.

NYC Subway app has stopped working around Jun 2016 because my Macbook (used as a server) has crashed. It has been working 24 hours for last 5 years. If you like the NYC apps, please make a donation here. So that I can buy a new macbook and get it up running for free. As of 081716, total donation about $40.

I have been making apps for transportation since mid 2010. It seems there are huge growth. Every  month, I see new ideas in transport app. Most of the creative apps sprout in London. The reason is because Transport for London (TFL) opens up its public transportation data to everyone. Yes, including people outside Britian. You can get the free license at TFL developer site.

I will post regularly for the development of transport apps for London, New York City and Singapore. There will be screenshots and codes in both Android and iOS. Below is an Android widgets that I developed for NYC subway. It shows the status of subway lines. And a 1x1 widget for your favorite subway route. A bigger widget for your favorite stop. And finally a widget for a list of your favorite. It is very convenient to use as a glance of your mobile phone tells you everything you need to know. I will post the programming code in the near future. Have fun!

Hopefully my blog will inspire more people to develop new and sleek apps and improve living standard in their own country. It takes me many hours in the night to develop these applications and I am most willing to share them free including my coding. Please comment with your url if you have complete your own app. I would love to check it out!

I will also post great works that I discovered on Google play and iTune. If you need any support, please email me at ustransit74 (at) gmail (dot) com. Have fun!

"If you are going to make thing in your life, why not make it beautiful?" Designer

My apps link

NYC Subway Times (iOS version) (Android version) 22 130213 13 0301
Live London Bus Widgets (Android version) (iOS version) 19 130213 20 0301
SG Buses Delight (Android version) (iOS version) 02 130213
Live London Tube Tracker (Android version) (iOS version) 89 130213 56 0301
NYC Bus Tracker (Android version) (iOS Version)
UK Rail (iOS) 220313
SG Trains Delight (iOS) 230313


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  4. Thanks for your blog. I will follow it.

    At the moment my friend and I want to build an app for the public transport system in Bogota, Colombia. We don't have too much experience building apps, but we are very keen to learn.

    I have some doubts. How does it work? How can these systems search for a station, for example? What I mean is when the user enters an address, then the system searches for the closest station, how does this is done? Should I use a database with Geographic objects support, such as PostGIS? I am guessing that to find a station, it's all geographically referenced, so, then the query will search for area's intersections across the address that the user has input.

    Any help or information you can pointed is appreciated.


    1. hi good to know that you are creating one :)

      To get the bus stop location is always the first few questions that I asked. I do not know much about Bogota, but if I were you, I will look at your bus operators website. Most reliable informations are created and stored by them.

      Next, I will look at your authority body like ministry of transport website. There are usually tonne of useful information that you can use. And it always surprise me that they government provides open and compulsory data.

      Then you can decide how to get your bus stop data. Google transit and map has many data and api. So I guess the options are there for you to find out :)

      Happy coding and send me a link to your app when you are done..!

    2. Thanks so much for your information. Researching now. Do you think Dijkstra algorithm might help to find the best route between two points. Cheers.

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