Sunday, 17 February 2013

Customisable widgets

It comes to my mind that a widget can be customisable in the nearby future, guess 2015. You can put in portion of information into your home screen widget. You can choose things such as

1. the temperature of the day
2. wind speed and direction
3. tide and current
4. UV amount
5. rating for a good fishing day
6. rating for a good golf day
7. rating for planting rose
8. arrival of your favorite train
9. arrival of your favorite bus
10. alert of train delay
11. rating for putting on moisturiser for a dry day
12. traffic condition for your route to office
13. loading information of the coming train or bus
14. loading information of the nearby station

Widgets have open to a world of information and i wonder why apple does not see it as top priority. :)

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