Wednesday, 6 February 2013

NYC Subway is unique

It is my study of NYC subway that I learn to admire. A user emails me to ask why not follow the MTA subway time app. I admit I make the mistake of not become one with it. And it is my work now to redesign my app to follow MTA.

For example. line 2 and 5 starts from different stations, come together in the middle for several stations and then goes off in a different direction again and finally back to the same line to the same terminal. It gives me the feeling that display line beside every train timing is very important in New York. This principle does not apply to SG and London.

All the transport app are the most 50% similar. They are very different in actual use. NY has 4 tracks system where trains from different lines can travel in the same track. In SG, there is only 1 track system where only one line can travel on one track portion. It does seem very different.

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