Monday, 18 March 2013

Cross junction

Have done sg trains delight. Now where should I go?

1. Further develop sg trains to useful map with travel time and transit stations. Take about 14 days. 2 million.

2. Fix nyc buses nearby list by distance. 1 day. 2 million. K

3. Fix sg buses nearby with direction and big bus number. 3 days. 3 million.

4. Start my dream game basic. 1 month for battle field. 10 000

5. Fix favorite method in NYC subways. 3 days. 2 million. K

If I run a business, I will want my builders to take customer feedback. They have the ability to make the changes.

Builder -
Designer -
Marketer -
Taster -

A frontier team: 4 person
- a programmer : build it
- marketer : find new market
- a designer : make it beautiful
- a taster : use it and improve

A support team 2 person
- a programmer : read email & build
- marketer : compare competition & customer need, use it.

I am doing every role myself and I find hard. I have no helper. And there are so many problem to solve.

I can only choose one problem and focus on it. I know I will choose nyc buses first then nyc subways. They only takes a few days. My map for sg trains needs lots of studies. And my game has to be postponed. Game making is so new and will take a month to make. And 3 months to develop. And can I find players for my strategy game?

It comes to me that thinking near a river is way smoother than doing my thought at home or in the park. A river has flow. It seems my thought also flows when I am near it. It is strange but I can feel the difference!

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