Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sg trains delight extension

Working on it on 190313.

- add route info so that fav button does not stress users. Will apply to NYC subway. K

- use local stop to find nearest station
- add map with all station and line for quick zooming. 200313

- to show station name when zoom in

- pathfinder on 220313 using A star algorithm and line of sight theory.

- tab station for travel time, transit, arrival. 230313 using reverse path finding.

It is a hard nut on train usage. What is important?

- where to interchange (map) k
- train arrival k
- last train k
- travel time k

----- 240313 site testing
- add choose best from 4 path options
1. forward search
2. reverse search
3. reverse search without avoiding duplicate path
4. forward search with no limit of line of sight
Note: it seems to find best path for any stations in Singapore
- work on path clear
- work user station disappear when zooming
- work on path highlight
- work on minimum map region automatic adjustment (a source of irritation when it keeps auto adjusting) I prefer minimum adjustment, only when the path is very long and out of sight.
- work on last train table

Taking train is way faster than bus. But bus is way nicer. I think people who take train wants the fastest way to go to a place. And path finding seems to be most important.

From 15 to 260313, for Joselyne..

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