Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Still working on sg train delight

It is my longest testing app:)

About 3rd site test, I get some local advantage by visiting BP LRT. It is there that I know how the trains loop, in 2 directions. I don't really understand from the online MRT map until I am there to see myself. And to know that ten mile junction has shut down due to building reconstruction. These do not show online.

The local always has advantage over foreign developers. It is always my dream to go London and New York to use their subway system.

I find my path finding not giving the fastest route. From yew tee to changi, from Jovian to orchard. I have having so much path finding method, 4. And it takes too long.

Luckily I search online and found some work from France and London. They have open data. And they plot on real geolocation instead of system icon map. And a path finding method D is so easy to use.

To understand D, I find wiki confusing. As I google, I find YouTube video on D. It turns out the best video is a guy with paper form and a pencil. The animation video is confusing and too fast and too much work for the creator.

Using D, my app can easily find the best route for all kind of situation like from lrt to EW line. My code has shorten by 5 times.

Using the right method is so critical. I have stressed under A star and line of sight method.

Google and YouTube are both so useful in learning.

I still have the issue of labeling the station quickly on my map. A split second late and the panicky user feels worse! How to format the label so that it will not block each other and do it instantly?

My app combines the question of how to go to a station in shortest time avoiding transit that requires walking and more waiting. Then when is the train coming, should I walk faster or go to the toilet.

The zoom in to the station has the benefit to display nearby places and bus stops. A tap on the bus stop shows the bus time. It will takes a lot of thinking to make train and bus app simple.

So much effort is spend on path finding. I hope it helps people to avoid waiting for train, avoid walking during transit and get to her destination in the fastest way, hopefully most comfortable.

- an app that takes into account of transit interchange.
- an app that plan journey with effect from the crowd.
- an app that avoids queue with loading info.
- an app that present a few options. Fastest time. Less interchange. Less walking.

Mrt in SG is getting more complex with more option. My app will be useful to help user find the fastest way. Combining with train arrival to get no waiting transfer.

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