Friday, 1 March 2013

Taiwan freedom & creativity

Taiwan is like a little America. Full of freedom of expression on the wall. They are beautiful and creative. I remember I saw such drawing on the wall in New York many years ago.

When technology and growth have created innumerable disorders in all aspects of life all over the world without disclosing as yet the principles of order that may postpone the destruction of human civilisation.

All dynamic, creative economically robust, and powerful societies have an element of chaos and mixing element inherent within them. 

It seems to me that Taiwan has become a little America with freedom and innovation. It can surprisingly achieve a orderly state, with lively protest, many news station (as many as 7 in Taipei). No matter how advance Taiwan is, it has a stronger neighbour, Korea. I see that people on the subway are using Samsung smartphone instead of HTC. It is sometimes that Taiwan people should fear. 

Samsung is another company that embraces change and elimination of its sunset product line. It is challenging Apple in all her products and more. It is going into solar cell, electric car batteries, biomedicine from plants, led in car light etc. 

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