Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Making of server

I will be doing a very simple server. The use of server is huge in the future. It will be talking to MTA and other servers. It can be used for game server. For now, it is to be used for only a simple location based ads server.

- thinking. Ruthless low cost. Intend for free ads for individual. Install python 2.74 and read Django 1.5 tutorial 1. K

- read rest of tutorial k
- set up simple database. K Set up a mobile website for ads entry.

----- table
- userId
- text
- link
- count

- create ads for yongAds k
- create ads for mosquito magic lamp k
- create ads for 99 food k

- mobile app serving ads k

After reading twitter has release an app for music. Follow band equal music lover. Sell them music.

Using bus means people who want to save money. They love great deal. Sell them breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- first 24 hour ads test. Ok

How am I going to sell my good night sleep lamp? Who is going to buy? Use PayPal again?

Will put in location.. I don't think there are going to be many advertiser. Will make it free. Blogshop does not need distance, maybe targeting office crowd. F&b will need distance factor to make the ads useful.

- add location
- add image
- add lunch time

My idea for ads is that it must be useful to the user. As I check my bus time, I want only ads that tell me where are the good food offer. I want a ads to tell me a product that can prevent the dengue fever mosquito.

To tell me where is the good food. It has to know my location. If Ads location and my location is less than 1 km, serve the ads. If user time is 10am to 1pm, serve a lunch promotion ads.

Serve my sg mrt delight app with no restriction on location and time. It is something related to bus app.


Note on server experience

- tomcat apache jsp is very difficult to use.
- php apache and MySQL is less difficult. But it gets complicated with its front end.
- Microsoft access and window server is the quickest to setup but difficult to customize. I find that ebay and pof starts with Microsoft and has the advantage to quickly deploy their website. They cost.
- python, sqlite and django server is the best so far. Quick to setup. Totally free. Easy to edit.

The only problem with python is that android uses java. And mta server uses java for its data feed. And a bus operator need java module to access its timing.

Try a python server. See can link to mta server and local server. It seems to be possible to me for java:)

Server ads launched in 020513. The next development will be java server to talk to mta and others.

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