Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Problem of a new product

I have accidentally discover that having a way to drive away mosquito easily. Interrupted by a man who ask for money for his cash card. I say sorry and don't have. I feel not safe. :) if it happens in Johor, things will be different.

The problem is that I am not able to sell it. I could not find buyers. My family does not believe in my discovery. If I advertise, will I get buyer? My friend tests it and find it effective. No more mosquito at night. But then again, his family is scared. What causes these mosquito to flee?

I got a user. He does not test it when I give it to him. Nobody believe that it works or is safe.

Can it be a delivery sale? How can I patent it? I use it in my own house. I would like to help in the dengue situation but I do not know how.

If 20 000 knows about it, will they buy? If I put on Facebook page, can people buy? If I put in a full refund. Can I talk to the ministry of health?

Could I see the bend ahead?

Mosquito control

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