Saturday, 20 April 2013


Especially in business, it is prudent to begin with products that you are ready. I did not think our firm was strong enough yet. Young people often become filled with enthusiasm for some project, throwing themselves into it with gusto and energy, but finding that without careful judgement and prudence they come face to face with failure.

1922 hold
1929 start
1937 largest

Remark: he can wait 7 years before he go into key socket. That is a long wait. He is open enough to see he cannot fight the competition in 1922.

Can I do ads? Google and Singtel is very strong. No way to fight them. But they are not serving ads on widget. Can I start one that has no competition yet? But is there a demand except my widgets. Do f&b want to advertise in my bus widget? How to make my business pay?

2015 great apps
- sg buses delight
- sg mrt delight
- sg traffic delight

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