Monday, 1 April 2013

Remaking of NYC bus time

Bronx is already in use. Next is manhattan by end of the end. Next apr will be for Brooklyn and queens.

010413 - setup feedback by email. Fix an email does not go away bug.

- read customer complain.
1. Near stop is far away. Use sort by distance. K
2. No location. Alert users of no location. Use wifi location? Wrong location. K
3. Timing need more 12 min, 23 min
4. No sbs 79! ?
5. Test 3 location k
6. Use route to determine agency. K

The main reason is the users use it for manhattan. I have put up a sign.

- NYC MTA has done a great job. Look at it in android. It is sure too work.

- ensure my nearby work. The differentiation is the nearby feature. K

- add select bus service start 030413 K will upload a screen shot. The mta provides SBS bus location and other bus that nBus left out. The android use is ok and submitted but then it feels flimsy.

- add remaining time alarm. Working on it since 040413. It is a small step towards notification. It is something new for me to learn. And a must feature for NYC since the bus can come like 30 minutes! Finish on 050413.

I am using a service to get the timing and compare to the desired alarm time. It plays a sound and vibrates when bus is coming. :) It is my first small steps towards notification.

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