Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Today's thought

- Newspaper in physical form. If all needs money, why not give it free. It will still be around. For long reading, it is more comfortable on paper. Economist offers some free content. National graphical needs payment. New York Times and Wall Street journal need money. CNN is free but slow video connection supported by advertisement. She can be better by using YouTube video which is faster. But then, she will not be able to place her advert.

CNN does it right. Often an item in the video is good buy option. Offer it at end of video. I see a video of $35 PC, offer to buy online. I see a news on Myammer, offer a tour package. I see a video on batchata dance, offer a nearby lesson or the boot camp from the main dancer in the video. Let personal dance instructor to advertise for free after the video. And a fee to listed on the top. If I watch a movie sex and the city, offer the fashion for online purchase, or link to store locator, or a dating site, a marriage package, a woman car or bag. Anything that is filmed can sell.

- server for mta and smrt both uses java for android. :) Use window tomcat for quick start. A web server for mta train time. The demand is high. But few people can make server. Too much work. Give them free. Charge only 5% of users. Supply a route, a stopId and direction, return a time.

- server for my advertising. A database to store text and image. Location is coming. Give a simple way to link advert to location. Give advertisement free. Charge only the top 5%. Enter text, location and serve ads. All individual advertisement is free. Only business need to pay for click and bid for location.

- server to bring traffic map widget to android user. In driving, seconds count. I think iPhone will have widget by July 2013.

- map is the locator to the buyer. People has intend to buy when they search for store location. And why are there so many locator app like Mac Donald and 7 eleven. There is menu, promotion, loyalty and diet facts.

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