Tuesday, 7 May 2013

App Marketing

A inventor. 90%
A marketer. 10%

Business is a cross road of science and art. It is a multiply of manufacturing and marketing. If you can make but cannot market, the business fails.

- how to print cheque for free?
- advertise

1 step mozzle wipeout
Photo.. $29.90

London Bus Live Widget

- include competitor
- strong icon
- speed, accurate and simplicity

- Sg buses ios 1. Add mrt link 2. Fix row 8 blocking ads

How good a business lies in its weakest link.

In sg buses, people care about nearby bus stop. It means accurate location. People cares about getting good bus time for sbs and smrt. People cares about search.

What a person lack?

What competitor lack?
- in London bus, he lacks a widget.
- quick to favorite
- a good looking icon

What I lack?
- a big font for old people
- a get me home

Use analytic for user country yongcheck
- saitiam7@gmail.com

Ask Jose for Adsense on yongcheck.

- must be beautiful.
- show big font and easy icon
- use number and strong word

- mediacrop has not contact me even I submit my ads intention.
- google Adwords is self service. And it is done in 15 seconds. It has no location targeting except country. I see the future.

- 400 hits 18000 views

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