Wednesday, 12 June 2013

App issue 130613

- sg buses delight has a swipe to view stop. Some find it too slow. A page to see all bus stop. The cause is the location by network is inaccurate. Use a list with stop and bus services for network location. Use page for GPS location. 140613
- sg mrt delight. cancel button not responsive. K 160613
- add schedule to NYC buses. K
- nearest and nearby list combined. K
- no rating if got favorite. To rate when add the third favorite. K
- reduce list view 7 sec to 3 sec. K
- fix nyc bus bx1 bus not found.. Start on 170613. End on 180613.
- add feedback button mrt. Facebook not working.
- fix sg buses iOS time k
- study us disability design
- rework nyc subway iOS

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