Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Digital piano

- the key sound is normal

- crazy. Spend 90% time on making and 10% on selling. Casio. While yamaha spend all time on marketing, its colorful building and little on research. She asks oem to copy.

- there are 3 software companies. But gates has the job of sale and accounting.

- 040914 px150 arrives
- after release on casio px150, there is a noise on the key spring.
- it is beautiful to look at.
- play the demo song and feel calm the whole day.

I love piano among all the salsa music.

I want to buy one. I am captured by korg lp 380. It has a great flat cover to protect the key and provide a place to work. However it has some careless design.

It exposes screws on the appearance of the piano. It even has black hinges on the top cover. The silver screws looks very cheap.

Cost the most yet uses such careless material really change my mind and go ahead to buy the casio px 150.

Perfect piano
- slim (no space in today apartment)
- flat top cover (double as a work desk)
- white to go with my iPhone and laptop
- detach for playing in the park
- key is light for gentle play

Yamaha loses because a man in a piano shop says it is inferior in sound. Digital piano has a great future to the masses. If it costs only 500 to own a piano.

I am careful to avoid heavy metal as I find they very destructive in nature. I prefer worship music.

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