Friday, 27 September 2013


My competition in mta open my mind to venture capital. I am starting alone.

Apps that win are all a combination of bus and train. I make a mistake by not reading every words on the mta competition wish list. I have not done everything to prepare. It is a hit in the stomach.

Can I fight a team in creating app? I think so. A person who know and give what the users want will win over a team that work based on a director. It is a unstable path. Ultimately I will need a team. But I am finding the right business model.

Building a team and sell to apple like embark is not what I want. I want a company that serves million of people with useful products.

Can I find enough income to find my own team?

It seem that the app with vc backing will be the strongest.

MTA wants an app that include bus, subway and rail. I lost to a bus app and I am not sure what is the reason. It has better presentation in video. I don't have any sound. I need someone good in video.

I know I am a businessman. A cross between Eastman and Mozart. It has bus location and subway schedule.

I don't like the taste of failure. I will compete again.

When I make a bug in my GPS location, my result shoots up each time! Unbelievable!

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