Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shoe design

Recently I am looking for safety shoe. I want one that has a zip, easy to wear and remove. I need to enter office and go to work area. My existing shoe is not design for frequent removal.

I bought one that is china brand. It costs $43.80. I saw it selling at $35 at Geyland. It looks good and the zip is easy to use. I try it both right and left, it feels a little uncomfortable but I think I should get used to it. Unfortunately, after a few days, I could not bear it anymore. My little toe hurts. There is a manufacturing fault on the left shoe. It bites my feet.

I bought a local brand made in Indonesia. It costs $62. Almost double that of China made. The first try, it is really comfortable. I bought it and gladly I did. I not need to suffer anymore.

China can make way cheaper shoe. They looks better. But the quality is not there. It is not comfortable to wear.

Android phone is cheap with lots of functions but they are really ugly and messy. iPhone looks good and nice to use. Design is not only the look but the use.

I want to design a shoe that looks great and comfortable to wear. It feels good.

I want to design an app that looks great and feel great on using. Anyone can copy a function and a look, but it is really difficult to copy the quality.

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