Friday, 11 October 2013

Even the top ten game are crap

It really surprise me find so many lousy game in App Store.

- graphics are too small
- too complicated as under developed
- wording too small

- only angry bird and plant vs zombie are simple and addictive.
1. Go straight to action
2. Simple to play
3. Enough time for users to learn
4. Need no tutorials
5. Lots of animation

How plant make money? In game purchase.

- small icon. Bring desktop game to iPhone. So complicated! Cannot see the big picture.

- nice icon with rugged face
- cute animation of baby dragon flying
- AI to attack castle
- attack another player castle in a no distance world
- simple grid, cute camel animation, nice music, feel excited. Cute zombie hand animation
- good physics and animation
- good graphics
- capture the moment excited
- human voice 

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