Saturday, 26 October 2013

Music best decision

On 041213 I decide to buy irig keys because it keeps bugging in my mind. It is different to test on a 37 keys. It costs $219. The app has taken me 22 days to do so far. I wonder if I can earn back. I want to bring playing keyboard to the largest number.

I am deciding to buy a korg microkey 61 or a iRig key from apple site. Both have good points. I could not decide. 

First look at korg at retail is good. Long and slim. I could not try as it is not connected to the laptop. The software is controlled. That is a bad business decision. Free software will get more buyers. 

Later I try a mini korg piano. The feel is light. It feels small. I still cannot decide. 

IRig is endosed by Apple and work directly on iPhone. But I do not want daily connect and disconnect to my iPhone. 

Jose recommends me to buy Yamaha which is the same price as korg 61, and Yamaha has speakers and work without a laptop. 

I could not decide. I remember I buy Casio px150 not because I want it but because Jose wants it. It turns put to be comfortable for her but my finger is bleeding. It is a very big sign that Casio is wrong for me. 

Now I am buying another do that I can play and practice. With all the fact, it is very hard to decide. The microkey is too small and different from what we use in class. 

I do more research on the net. I become more decisive that korg is the right choice. My feeling tells me. I always follow my feeling. 

It turns out it is the best but I had. It is light. I see the road gentle road. The universe hints me. I want to play gently. That is my lead. It is very gentle. There is not way I can play hard. My hand will bleed. 

Korg has very good laptop software. But it has no iPhone app. It opens to third party to make one selling at $10. 

I am very happy that I follow my feelings. And is sensitive to the universe subtle sign. 

271013 I get to set the volume wheel. It shows the number 1, but who knows 1 means modulation. It should have a drop down list and display the item beside the number. 

Who knows K means. It should have a drop list, 

(K) Queen Station - (L) King Street - (ML) Daughter Name

Apple just has a irig keys with lighting connector. I am so tempted to buy. I should be happy with my current korg. 

After reading Amazon comment, korg is still the best. The feel is the best. And iRig keys is described as stiff. 

Manage to get my Korg microkey to work on iPhone.
- iOS 7
- korg 61 microkey
- usb hub. No power required. 
- apple usb camera cable
It comes after watching YouTube videos and little experiment to try everything!
- works on grageband and bismark. I like bismark sound better. 
- looking towards street performance


I am tempt to create my music app. There is no way to learn to play mozart turisk march easily. It takes years just to read the music sheet. My idea is to use midi file to play the music with keyboard animation. Then connect my korg to play the song.

- music people. 1 want to create. 2. Want to play 3. Want to listen
- At least, 30 apps in want to play.
- 50 apps in want to download.
- 3 apps in want to create.

- want to play 30 apps
- want to learn 10 apps
- want to create 3 apps

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