Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Redesign for NYC subway

291213 submit NYC subway text version
- will do notification. Check every 1 hour. If time is within 1 hour of notification time, fetch status. If status has delay, notify user. 020114 

It seems scrolling is too slow to use in transport environment. I may have to go back to tab controller. 

I really do not want to use scrolling in sg buses. I want info now. 

I add in page scroll because of the animation Irish app. But it seems it is a step backward. 

Can I have ads below the tab buttons? 

Do I need to have line status? Do user need to know the service change? Do user need to know train delay? Do I really need a line status page? 

How user want to be notify for train delay? Based on the time user check time. Or a user define time to check status and notify user only when there is a delay. It is easier to identify a time for notification. 

Should I give ios 6 a miss? I develop for ios 7 but the notification does not work for ios 5, 6. 

I am going to test it 3 days. Day and night. Test the notification. 

How is the animation version going to work? It will have tab insteads of scroll. It is faster. It will have tap hold menu for fav. 

What is the problem of my NYC server? It stop with a no debug info. Is it too many people trying to access the database? I do not have any write operation. Can I use monatomic? Is there any free server now? Should I reconsider offline database? 


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