Saturday, 14 December 2013

Sg buses test 151213

It gives me the opposite bus stop when I sit at CDAC. Correct timing for bus 30. Direction works 1:40pm.

1:47pm. It gives me north light school in nearby. It is a cloudy day. As I walk to open sky, a step from the bus stop CDAC, it gives me CDAC. So after 7 tries to refresh locations. Once I return to my sit in the bus stop shelter, it gives me north light and show me at sandy lane.

1:51 Walk to Grandlink.

1:56 I am near city plaza but it gives me versilia condo after 5 tries. It shows that I am at versilia. The GPS is off. It is using the mobile network. Should I have a refresh button? But it still gives the wrong location. Need to use map to go to city plaza. The title is slow to update from nearby to favorite.

In view that my app has dropped to 30th place, I am finding the fact. It is slow in scrolling, give wrong bus stop. Heart of the problem. In the web, 2 person vote 1 star due to wrong timing.

The heart of the problem is that I have not use it for about a year. I have made great changes but I have not use it myself, that is the heart of the problem. 

It does not have the speed anymore. 


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