Thursday, 31 January 2013

New markets

It seems to me that money moves from old industry to new industry like water moves from high to low ground.

Money at expensive small laptop in 2005 has moved to cheap eeePC in 2008. From $3000 to $399. Money moves from Sony and Fujitsu to Asus. She opens her mind.

Money has further move from PC and laptop to iPad. People don't need a huge computer to surf net anymore.

Money has moved from Nokia to IPhone. From Palm handheld to PocketPC. Microsoft is the first to have handheld with phone and tablet PC. The focus on PC seem to be wrong.

PocketPC -> iPhone
TabletPC -> iPad

Without moving away from the industry of Personal Computer, Gates misses the new rising industry of internet with Phone and Internet Tablet. He has been struck with PC and die with it.

Steve has moved to new market of music player from Mac. A new music player that connects to Internet. Then a phone that place Internet over phone. A tablet that places Internet over writing note PC.

Nokia has struck with phone. It's phone can hardly surf the net. With rubber button.

Money moves from old industries of phone and PC to a new industry of Internet phone. The focus is the Internet not the phone. Dell could hardly moves as its income mainly comes from PC and server. It never wants to jump to phone, handheld and Internet industry.

In 1987, Dell beats IBM by half the price of PC. When IBM comes into PC, it has a huge margin. As Dell comes in with cheap PC, it grows so fast. Now people are moving away from PC. What is the new market for dell?

Samsung has control the tablet and smart phone with low price. Now people are looking at smart watch. I would say car radio system and phone have a new market. Tablet for traffic and car has a new demand. What is the price now?

Yellow pages declines. It fails to move from print advertisement to online. 2012 is a death blow to her. The old industry of print publishing is replaced by the new online directory. It takes about 10 years.

Airline has move from luxury travel to budget air bus. SIA is slow to focus on budget air. It will eat into its main business. Money will move from economic flight to budget one.

Apps is moving from database to network with short life persistent data. It is my idea to develop apps that are less than 300k bytes.

Apps moves from fee to free. Money from Website is moving towards app. High server cost and zero device cost. Apps starts from 2009. It will grow over website in 2015.

It wins because of its speed. Website has a 5 seconds or more loading. App can be make instant after the first loading. Website needs a server cost. App lives on device and no need any. I make the mistake of staying on web apps for too long. The native is 3x more powerful and 10 times faster with good design.

Money in 2012, 2013 is still in the website advertisement. It is moving rather slowly to apps. Google is not so willing to move away from Adsense to admob. Adsense is the main cow.

The way to keep apps free is to have new income. It is still a very new industry and one may not be profitable in the near future. I fear I may be too narrow minded in transport app. It may be set to explode in 2015. Great opportunity.

Another company may beat google in mobile app advertising. I feel google is staying on website for a little too long. There are changing coming. :)

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