Thursday, 31 January 2013

A door closes signals a door open

I always believe that you can always find a better way or idea. It truly applies to programming.

As I touches up my London Tube app (doing it for 5 days. Lots of design. Aim to become one with TFL), I find that TFL has just changed its nearby site. So I cannot use it to match my OSM stopName. I need the stopId and line to get the tube times.

I thought about it and take a short walk. Still no idea. Then a new idea comes to me eventually. I look at my line page. It seems I can try the response bases on the what I have done on line activity.

It works even faster than using the TFL nearby. After a supper, I further improve it using preference to save the response. Now I do not need network every time to have the stopId and line, give stopName. I apply it to my line page too.

There is a similar lesson. Once struck, relax, take a walk and come back to think. New idea will come.

It leads me to the thought of finding new market. If the front line workers can easily update his management about new market and potential problem, the company can grow easier.

The car park warrant sees me park illegally but he cannot issue me a fine as my car is parked just out of his territory. If he can easily inform his boss on what he saw, his boss can work on getting the new territory and win big.

Voice message for quick recording of idea and send to the management.

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