Wednesday, 30 January 2013

OSM with tube lines

I will be using relations found in the box region. Only points inside the region needs to be drawn. And I will be

1. Get tube station
2. Sort by distance
3. Plot

Remark: done on 310113. How to go to stop page? There is no stopID. Like NYC buses. Will side track to stop page.

1. Go to stop page
2. Get tfl nearby to match stopName
3. With stopid get stop timing

Remark: it is more difficult than I thought. Tfl changes its nearby page today and I could not get updated location changed with tfl site. But it does bring me new way! Read in next post. Done on 010213. I still have not get to draw line yet.

Things to do next
- replace nearby with osm & layout change k
- no blank nearby, update it last minute k
- better status and line stops looking k 010213

1. Fetch way point for nearest station k
2. Plot way point k
3. Plot the station k

refresh when lat width changes k
And when center moves k 010213

- point based on zoom factor
- add white round station icon

Starts on 300113 and ends on 010213 for the map tube line. It is a very simple layout. Will be making it look better next round.

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