Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Build Server to Server

It is important to build a good server to talk to bus server. It lower her traffic cost and increase its security. I will base my server as cloud computing. It is fair that she allows me to use her data and I try my best to keep her cost low. It is required in MTA.

The server needs to be free for me to continue providing free apps.

Step expect feb 2013
- a server to server

- 30 seconds rule
- a monthly report

- multiple server

I conclude that a server task is time consuming and costly. But it is the way forward to work with big company. And it is possible to create a free server with very efficient serving. MTA requires server to server in their agreement. Follow it!


  1. Hello Designer, thanks for your posts. I am a developer too.
    I am looking for using MTA GTFS realtime data but for that, I need a server like you.
    How did you solve that?
    How did you manage the server?


    1. I am trying out using Tomcat server since it has java too :) If I am done, I will open out my api to you to use too!