Sunday, 10 February 2013

App business

It seems that for an app business to grow, works need to be focus on every critical part of the business. Focusing on the app but neglect the marketing will fail. The important area to build to minimum standard are

- Quality app. Tested daily.
- Good to look at Icon. Icon tells the quality of the app.
- Good to look at widget. Nobody wants to look at ugly phone.
- Good reviews. Many says good then must be good.
- Good developer name. Tells the professionalism of the builder.
- Easy to remember app name
- Good screenshots.
- Free is a must for people to try. It leads to income from many possibilities like virtual coins, advertisement from google or local companies trying to sell, upgrade to ads free etc
- Game must be addictive in fast response. Trap the users. Must not feel drudgery to do some task. Build farm.
- App must be useful and simple to use.

If any one of the above is not good enough, users will not hesitate to delete or does not bother to download to try.

Similar to Domingo's pizza, beside great pizza, it covers the whole system
- great packaging in boxes for pizza, dessert and tissue. Chilly pack.
- great promotion of $5 personal pizza with a can of coke. Price
- supper good taste pizza and dessert that beat every competitors.
- fast delivery
- loyalty card to trap consumer
- good location
- clean restaurant, toilet
- clean uniform
- commitment to great satisfaction

Fact and truth of my affair
My London Tube weak points
- icon not good enough
- developer name not pro enough
- no enough customer study. Do they really need the tube time? Or the journey planner? Is there a blog to read more?

Actually i still dont know the cause. I need to study more.

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