Monday, 11 February 2013

Can app programming be automated?

Come to think of making app as economical as possible. The cost of making an simple app

- logo design 1 day to 3
- app design 1 day to 7
- coding 14 days to 30
- screenshot, name, text, publish 1 day to 3

But every country has a different transport system and uses different color. To make the app useful, there is work to study the system. And it takes on going effort. To begin, it is good to invest 7 days to study it. Real use is most important if it can work.

- 7 days to study a system
- 7 days to use it on site

The differences in every countries. So there is no easy way to automate the coding.

Can it be configure? The widget has a skin to change easily. The nearby layout is possible like access report. So is the favorite.

Can it be open source?

Car wash has changed from machine wash to manual wash in Singapore. It takes only a person to operate the machine but 4 man to do manual wash.

When come to cost, a machine cost 40 000 while the 4 man cost $4000 a month. Within a year, the business pays for its machine investment.

Then why people still want manual wash over car wash. I guess the machine wash create fine swirl lines on the paint work. Car is a luxury in Singapore and JB. People does not want scratches on his car. The death of machine wash.

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