Monday, 11 February 2013

Competition is the nature law

London bus has 25 app and London has 100 app. How does the people find you?

High competition ensures creativity of app. Face the truth, most app only get 1 or 2 download a day for London tube.

2011 starts. After a year, there are 100 apps. Some will change and survive. But most will change and die.

My London tube ranks 88 on 110213. It has 1 to 3 downloads a day. It is highly competitive. Everyone has access to tfl API. All apps are free.

There is only 2 or 3 apps with widget. And maybe niche is the way. Train app for tourist.

I feel people do not really need timing for train. I have done a good layout design but I am still getting very few download. Maybe I have to wait to 6 months before I see any result.

The strong competition will likely lead to 3 winners in the ling run. Most individuals will die off. And the one winning, will it be the one having the most cash? Macafe seems to survive after it goes public. But pof can fight alone. Can one person fight a big company in app industry? I don't have answer, only I know is to make it the best app.

And to the customer benefit. I really have no idea how to fight the competition. They have the locality advantage. It takes me not very long to learn about their train culture. But I still do not know if journey planner, delay alert or combination of bus and train suit the London people.

Maybe I should change my tube logo next.

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