Saturday, 2 February 2013

Competitions mean great apps

I love competitions. I may not win in every race but competition does make you a better person. Every time I see a great transport app, I feel so excited. I admire their creativity. I specially admire app design from the US. They are simple and easy. I admire London app next. They are more words in their design. Below are some of great app that I admire greatly.

The beauty of the app is self explaining. No need any words to indicate platform north bound. An upward arrow tells everything. Using the line 1 logo with a green color makes things very easy to identify. There is no words as compared to Circle line in SG. Newly updated photo.

This app uses the OSM and with instant map panning and zooming. It shows the station in white circle. As you zoom out, the stations groups to form a bigger circle. It is beautiful. Found 3 months ago.

This CTA transit app combine bus and subway time into a very simple app. Every thing is so simple! No need any explanation. No advertisement at all! Truly an American designer. It has been around for a year. Do check back again this page. I will post my new great transport app discovery on this page in the future. 

I am always excited to see them, pushing for new frontier, making things simpler. Of course, beautiful. I follow their design principle and will freely share my work. 

My reason for sharing is that it is better to share what I know. These knowledge expires very soon, a few months later they become useless, replaced by better way of doing things. Keeping them open on the Internet benefits other developers and people. In the first, I am able develop my apps quickly because of the knowledge shared online mainly in stack overflow.

Instead, for each sharing, I give thanks. Share all you can!

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