Saturday, 2 February 2013

OSM vs TFL api nearby bus stop

It turns out that OSM is not always the best mean to get bus stop nearby. It has lots of information but the local authority TFL api provides more. For example, the osm below

<node id="469760120" lat="51.5256997" lon="-0.1353310">
    <tag k="highway" v="bus_stop"/>
    <tag k="local_ref" v="P"/>
    <tag k="name" v="Euston Square"/>
    <tag k="naptan:AtcoCode" v="490000078P"/>
    <tag k="naptan:Bearing" v="W"/>
    <tag k="naptan:CommonName" v="Euston Square"/>
    <tag k="naptan:Indicator" v="Stop P"/>
    <tag k="naptan:Street" v="EUSTON ROAD"/>
    <tag k="naptan:verified" v="no"/>

while TFL api is able to gives
1. bus routes
2. towards where

These are important information for passenger to identify the bus stop and surrounding bus option.

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