Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day mrt trip

Make a short trip on mrt and observe

1. A man running for the train. His speed endangers the people around him. He is outside the station and maybe he sees the train coming.

2. Kids making noise in the train at 3pm. They run for the train from the escalator.

3. I see the train coming. I want to know what the the next train. I don't want to run.

4. I just want the 2 timings for paya lebar. The sign is easy. Sign is better than with like up arrow vs the word up.

5. There is too little gate gantries for exist.

6. Can build another stairs away from escalator like Bangkok. Stairs beside escalator, people choose escalator. But if stairs nearer to the person, he may climb the stairs.

7. Advertisement can be more lively like Hong Kong. The overall feeling is hk has bigger walkway. Warmer feeling.

8. Staffs are everywhere to assist people.

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