Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Passion does the work

Passion seems to be the most important factor in business. Combining passion to form your unique product. Without passion in a line, you cannot continue to do it everyday. A business or product can become great if you improve it everyday.

So it is a nature law that koei first product becomes great when he, even if he does it alone, do it everyday for 3 years. Maybe he locates near to his university to get access to library for history and computer book. He learnt C for a year. Program his nobunaga's ambition for 1 years. Adding all the graphics for 1 year. And his wife helps release it in 6 months.

Passion ingredient 1
programming + history = historical game.

Passion ingredient 2
Building + computer = dell computer

Dell has a different passion. He likes computer. No so much on programming but dismantle it and build it. His passion is to build computer. He keeps doing it and the market demands greatly in 1980s.

Koei combines passion in programming and history. There is still hardly any competitors to its product.

Passion combination
- programming and gardening

An app to monitor the environment of a terrarium. The temperature, moisture, the growth, light etc.

- programming and graphic
- programming and accounting
- programming and GPS
- programming and hovering
- programming and history
- programming and bus
- programming and mobile
- programming and missile
- programming and good food
- programming and traffic jam
- programming and dating
- mosquito chaser
- cooling sit or room
- mobile war game

The truth to one destiny is when the things we are doing things that make men a little freer than he was. Or when you have the right motive.

In this case, koei and dell are not doing things to make people free. They are doing things they like. Like is a feeling. And they are just following their feeling.

Come to creative technology, sim combines music and computer to create sound for PC. He grows with PC but misses the mobile phone revolution. His mp3 can hardly fight with apple iPod in design. Square is a comment on creative by my friend. When phone comes to mp3, creative days are over. He is not able to jump from PC to mobile. And he declares war with apple. He lost the war based on consumer. He follows apple to open retail shops but the crux is his product does not appeal to people.

Mosaic says he just follow his feeling and go on to create some greatest music in his short 31 life.

Seem like nature gives each one feeling, something that he likes or resonates with. And all he has to do is to chase it with his life. And it leads to better mankind.


What excites me?
What I would like to do in my free time?
What I can keep doing 24 hours? It seems that without passion, one cannot do programming 8 hours a day for even a year. Follow your passion (your feeling will tell you what you like or don't like) and every hour of work is enjoyable. Every moment is pleasure if you focus on now instead of the farther away goal.

Dynamic appeals to me more than static. I like control, robotics, hovering things.

It is good to have 2 likes so you can create something new!

A morning thought..

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