Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dream app since my kid's day

I would very much dream of creating a rtk game on android and ios. I wanted a mobile rtk in 1989. And 20 years later, it comes true. However, it is only sold in US and Japan iTune. It gives me the reason to build it myself.

Maybe I should when i take a break from my transport apps. It will be my second attempt to create a game. The first html version is too difficult. Do a simple version with only 3 kingdoms and 21 officers. 7 states. And a 7x7 war geolocation. It will be so interesting to read about game AI.

Create a very small interesting game...
Do in a month.
- 3 kingdoms
- 21 officers
- 7 states
- 7x7 war grid
- play against computer AI
- ads supported

I think it is really possible using objective c.

Just tried 3 top strategy games. Awful feel. 1 cannot start. I promise I will never publish low quality or careless work.

The other 2 I cannot remember their name. Look like easy to remember name plays an important part.

Both uses the time wait. Build a farm, wait for 2 hours. It takew away the natural speed of computer. To build more, you can pay for the gold. The income comes from buying the virtual goods.

There is a market for a simple and quick to play strategy game. Within a second, I am playing and can never put it down for next 3 hours. This is what i call success.

All the game tries to simulate the real world. Planting a rose in an app is way easier than the real garderning. You observe what really happen. In apps, motives and books, the creator lets you see what he wants you to see.

Lose in the virtual world happens to my dear friend. He is still waiting for the ideal girl in hong kong movie. I am sad to tell him that his girl will never come. He is not studying the truth and face the truth.

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