Saturday, 9 February 2013

App developer 2013

The nature condition to make it in the app industry is not clear. It is still forming. I could see there are a few kinds.

The first is individual programmer. He has only learn android or objective c for 3 days and want to build an app. He does it and release it to google play. Apple will certainly reject his 7 days to build application. In play, his app is usually so poorly made that it is rather a waste of time for the consumer even if it is free.

I see app as a transformation of book. A good book takes an author months or even years to write and publish. But an app takes a programmer only a week or hours to write and publish. There is no much quality and quantity in most androids in android. These apps would not survive long in the app world. The new developer is better to study his topic very well. Spend as much time as he can to study e.g. astrology. Find good read. Develop a system. Studying can take a month. Then do a design that can takes a week. And build it in 14 days. Don't release yet. Test it and use it. Ask if it is useful to himself. If he cannot use it for 7 days, then redo it. There is no point to rush a new app and get many 1 star.

Then there is app dream developer. Usually it is  a medium company who can spend on a game designer, programmer and graphic designer. The game will takes about 3 months to develop and publish. It costs about $30 000 and if he wins, he wins big. Once the app gets to the top chart, he can earn a million dollar. And the big risk of $30k is much worth it. But there are many people did not make it. I look at koei, my favorite game studio. Koei releases Romance of Three Kingdom in 2010 and got only 20 reviews. It costs $14. If only 1% people has rated, there are only 2000 purchases in 2 years. And the total sale is $30000. Misus 50% for apple, koei is losing money even after 2 years. From the game outlook, it costs at least $30 000 to make. That is not really making money as compared to the 1980s. There are too many games in iTunes now. Competition is very strong. And most games are free. The industry has changed. He cannot see the benefit of free that first got players addicted. Then get money from in app purchase. Maybe I will try to make one again. That is my dream.

Free games are just as good. They lets users play, addicted and pay for higher level or to buy special weapons. There is also an element of advertisement in the game. Koei is in the past where game sold only on price. The conditions have changed. There are too many games now. Koei have not update rtk since 2010. Look likes they have given up iTune and focus on other platform. Find the fact, study the cause and change her approach. Rtk can be great in iTune. Just that koei is not facing the truth.

Another point is that koei has not been doing direction sale to customer. She relies on dealer such as X-box and playstation. She has a build up relationship with these dealers. She goes into direct selling in iTunes and may put the dealer relationship at stake. However, her first try has been a loss. She has then pull out of the smart phone game industry. It is actually a disadvantage to koei in the long run as sale of x-box and playstation are suffering with iphone and android taking over. If I am koei, I would try again on iphone and android, putting it free of charge. And let players to pay for training for war, intelligence or simply to trade weapons. Keep the player hook in the long term and there is a chance to make money from them for many many years to come.

I would happy if anyone wants to go into app business. He really have to study his niche. And gives free. Make it a great app. In the sense, he has to think carefully as much as he program. 1 hours of thinking and reflection and study equals to 1 hours of programming. Put programming in the back seat, anyone can program today, even a 10 years old. Only the hard work is the thinking.

And it comes after sit quietly for only 30 minutes. Begin with all possibilities...

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