Friday, 15 February 2013

Feel a little lost..

After remake NYC subway for the past 7 +3 days, I submitted to iTune for review. I have stop working on i t and feel a little lost. Sort of emptiness. As I have done my best.

Usually after send to apple, I am not longer motivated to think about my my app or work on it. Apple takes 7 days to approve. It is rather a long time compared to instant 1 hour approval from google.

My concept is be patient and do not rush to submit to iTune before you have done everything you can on the app. Once submitted, the drive is gone.

Happy coding..!

Just to add.. The thought of doing mobile Romance of Three Kingdom does shift my mood. I have started Palm programming with C in 2002. I wonder why I did not fulfill my teenage dream when waiting for the bus :)

I have tried once with HTML, it gets so complicated in the battle logic without any structure. I gave up after anout a month of programming. I think the language C can make thing easier in the long run. And koei certainly uses C in her game.

I will try again more intelligently using existing chess code. I will make thing simple with only 2 player. The other is the computer. I estimate it will take a month to do it with iOS.

I feel so good to work on something that you want when you are younger!

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