Monday, 4 February 2013

iOS vs Android

I have been looking at the war between iOS and Android. Who will be the winner? I used to ask the same question in 2007 between Microsoft and Nokia. It turns out that the winner is Apple with her iPhone.

Android is stronger in innovation with its widgets and lots of new manufacturer phone design. Apple today is following Samsung in its mini iPad. It used to be Samsung following Apple.

iOS is still prettier and better designed than android os. It is more responsive and nicer to look at. iPhone still has its value and loyal followers.

Who will win is important. But what is more important is how to use the current conditions where there are 2 equally strong os with Android having the upper hand now. I read that Android has 1 million apps while Apple has only 700 000. Android allows free and open competition while apple controls its app quality.

In the long run, android apps are better but people making less with so many competition. And iphone apps are better designed but getting less users. I fear i am wrong. I will need more fact. Things are changing every 3 months now!

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