Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Just discover a giant slayer!

Today, as I am looking in play, I found an exciting happening. I always thought that big company has an advantage over individual. They can easily allocate a sum of money to employ a team to design and develop a very sleek app. And individual would never compete. But today, I see some hope...

From the first look, it does not tell much. But if you install, you will be amazed by how fast and easy it work. You can get UK train time and location. And most amazing of all, if you search in google play for UK Train, it is no longer NRE (National Rail Enquires).  It is ranked number 1 above NRE on 190213. Sometimes, it is NRE number 1. But the thing is, an small player can kick a giant's ass.

I wonder how since NRE is the one providing all the data and timing. And they have tons of money to invest in a high design app. Can an individual slay the giant? I will study more...!

Just a initial feeling, there is a sense of art and foresight in app development. And great art is not developed by a team but an individual. :)

Updated on 010313. App is created by artist and downloaded million copy without extra cost. The new art in 21st century?

In 1900s, to build a beautiful car is very expensive and still very expensive to produce the next car. Only Ford can make a basic car and mass produce for million using huge capital. Now, an artist can build a great app and the next copy is free!

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