Thursday, 28 February 2013

Taipei Subway Study: Subway Time

I have made a free and easy trip to Taiwan from 21 to 28 Feb 2013. I enjoy the tour very much and have 4 days to study Taipei subway. It is very efficient as compared to Singapore. There are a little more than what we can learn from her. Taipei subway has a heart. When the platform is crowded during rush hour, there is an announcement to let passenger to alight first. A color big heart poster is pasted before priority seat for the elderly, pregnant woman etc. And best of all, the officer open a gate just for group tourists to exist the subway station easily. Taiwan focuses on tourism is really unmatched.

In Taipei, the subway timing has second beside the usual minute. It is really accurate.

There are 2 timing. One for the normal train that stops at every station. The other for the express that stops at certain stops. As such there are 2 lines drawn on the floor leading to the train door.

The platform uses floor light to indicate train approaching.

The first timing indicates train going to Xindian in English while the second timing indicates train to Taipei Power Station. 

Each timing comes with a big advertisement and News screen. It also provides the date, time and weather. And the chance of rain!

The double green lines. It stops at Taipei Power Station or the other goes to Xindian.

The signage is so big that no one can miss the direction :) Line color is used wastefully for quick identification. 

People line up on the right instead of left in Singapore. There is broadcast for people to keep right to give way for panic passengers. 

Very similar to US subway, the sign shows platform number, destination and time in the line color.

In train sign show next stop and next next stop. 

Floor red light blinks when train arrives. 

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