Friday, 8 February 2013

My motivation

For the past few days, I done a little thinking on why am I doing all this? I feel a little loss. Am I happy to create apps that serves many people in London and Singapore. It turns out that I am not that happy for such a cause. To help people avoid standing at the bus stop in the snow? That does not really make me happy. What is the meaning of my effort? It does depress me when the apps that i build do not make enough money for daily use. (maybe just enough for basic food)

But today as I build the map search for nyc subway app. And when i look at my simulator, i feel great. I feel i have create a great app. And that make me happy. And adding color lines to the station will be new and beautiful. That make me even more happier.

Seem like create something great moves me. At least, I do not deceive myself that i want to benefit the world. Stay honest and find the fact and face the truth.

It is always easy to think that customer demand is the most important factor to consider when building something. But creating something for other people does not motivate me more than creating something great and that I can use it myself.

It leads to making transport apps for London and New York is not as easy as I cannot use it myself. But I get to see very creative apps over there. And it does help me in creating a greater app for my use here.

Nevertheless, I fear I may have ignore the demand of the market  as I only focus only great transport app. Customer taste always change and sometimes it changes so slowly in 30 years. It happens to Dell it has changed from economic PC to high design phone and pad. From office market to consumer market. Bill fears he is going to miss the road curve, and ironically, yet he misses it. :)

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