Saturday, 9 February 2013

Optimist and coding

It always pay to be optimistic. And to be optimistic, is to think that the future will be better. It is true in every sense. Every thing that human have had improved over time. Car, computer, medical have kept improving. Although mistakes are bound to happen, but in the general direction, things always get better.

When China makes the mistake of going communism, people suffers with less freedom. They do not get to do work on what you like to do. And recent years, we see that China has prospered to a point where she is lending money to the United Stated. She is buying America companies like oil and computer. In the long run, things always get better. It is a true law of nature and everyone can rest assured of it.

In programming, i find that my app naturally pick momentum only after 6 months in the market. It takes me time to perfect the app, to look beautiful and to what the user find helpful. There is a waiting time of 6 months to see any visible even though may be very small result.

The good news is that all big companies, standards, technologies must grow old and die. New and small companies will form to grow, develop and take their places. It is really a natural law in the universe. No matter how strong a ruler is, like the Emperor Qin, he must grow old and die. No one can escape the natural law. And new ruler will rise and take over. And it is how things get better and better. If the new ruler cannot make it, he will soon be replace by a better ruler.

I keep in mind that if my app grows big and popular, it will soon be replaced. I have to refresh my concept, it could be a new app, new technology, new devices that will take form. Keep my mind open. What is growing and what is dying?

In 2013, these are growing:

internet phone, internet pad, smart watches, smart sensor, car with connection to mobile phone, traffic information on car, gps location vehicles, wireless charging, programming on pad. predator drone, mobile dating site.

And dying:

programming on laptop, fighter plane with pilot,
pc, phone, music player, newspaper, PC online dating site

not sure:

With the advance of online social dating like facebook and, locally people are still finding it difficult to find a suitable partner to marry. It is really a long and hard wait. What is the problem? Is it Singapore has no good free online dating site? When coming to dating, people are mainly form in school, dance school, thru friends and relatives.

I believe at end of 2013, there will be significant number of users for transport app. I will have a set of professional apps. Belief that things will be better or hope make life continue.

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