Saturday, 9 March 2013

Recent lesson

I reflect the rise of google. It is a small company in 1999. Yahoo uses google for search. And google name is in yahoo.

The only thing is that Yahoo cannot see the important of search. Neither can Microsoft. They fight for media content in the form of news. They are so focused in fighting each other that google has eclipsed  them.

It is the search that is important in the Internet not providing news content. and loses the advertising income as more users go to google.

See clearly what is going to be important. It is not the competition but to see what the users want. I switch to google site because it is faster than yahoo and I just want to search something.

There are dozen of site providing news but very little site has great search. It also brings to avoid competition by providing a great service to these people. And come to the question

What can I do to provide a great service to my competitors and myself?

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