Friday, 8 March 2013

What we are doing...

Invents ways to avoid waiting. And most of the below problems for the world can be solved with information solution. I am so surprise to use property guru to find a HDB flat that is on the ground floor. It is never possible before. And the app developer does not make any money. It is the

- struck in a jam
- wait forever at a bus stop
- wait for favorite food
- wait to make appointment with someone eg dentist, date
- wait to check in at airport
- wait for books to arrive
- wait for favorite game
- wait for train
- wait in a bank to draw money
- wait to unload goods
- wait to see a client
- wait for delivery
- wait for photo to load

- in a unknown place

- get rid of my old books
- house
- car
- phone
- mosquito lamp
- technical knowledge

- where to travel
- where to get ground floor
- where to get cool places
- where to buy machines
- where to buy iPhone
- where to get services
- where to rent
- good hotel
- good movies
- good food

- babies
- cool environment
- mosquito free
- ways to avoid waiting
- ways to sell unwanted things
- ways to buy

It is my nature to avoid in queue. Often I go to a place to eat where I do not need to queue. In a busy eating place, I would always order food that are already ready.

No one like to wait.

In a parking lot, waiting is a must. Going round and round, I never find a spot. But when I wait, I get a chance.

Things always change. Maybe slowly. From 1927 to 1937, Mao's lucky come when Japan attract China and Chiang is busy dealing with them.

Mao's escape in the form of long march become his advantage. His skill in mobility wins over Chiang needs of road for tank and truck. His hit and run tactics work do well. It seems to me the Vietnam uses the same strategy to fight the American. I hope for peace.

I am always trying to figure out why people say in a forest, things coexist. It seems to me that animals are killing each other for survival. What a tough problem? :)

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