Thursday, 7 March 2013

See clearly tthrough the end

Casio is so much advance in 1987 to 1999 in device. But she cannot see the future of opening up their api for others to develop app. She is at least 15 years in advance than palm, pocketpc. She just think of calculator.

15 years later palm see mobile device with stylus and open api. Palm cannot see WiFi internet as battery life improves. She just think of pda. Pocketpc takes over with internet pda.

2007 see that Nokia is opening its phone to java. She just think of phone.

2008 see that iPhone has a touch screen and helps developers to market their apps. It has GPS and compass. She thinks of internet apps like web, map and YouTube.

2010 Google see phone and add in java api and widget. Both apple and google see the notification uses.

2012 apple sees map as very important and starts its own map. But fails. Samsung takes android to tablets.

2013 mobile app users explode. Server costs increases sharply.

2015 advert comes.

2022 track car,

I think it is possible to see 70% right into the future of 20 years later. Bill sees the info for bus on time and road accidents on his route in his 1995 book. It happens in 2010. 15 years later.

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