Thursday, 14 March 2013

Start my SG Trains Delight iOS

I try to take a few days off but it seems that I am too eager to go into app that I can use myself instead of imaging how people use it in the US or UK. I remind myself that a features packed app may not win the race. It is more important to hit right on what the customer wants at that time. In UK app, it seems that in 2013, the user wants a quick way to view train departure, the train on a map and a small widget. The next shift will be scrollable widget that going to happen in end 2013. And train delay alert is something that is going to be very useful the user in 2014. For 2015, it may be a siri way of asking when is my train coming? For 2023, the shift may be all car has built in pad to warn driver of traffic jam ahead. From 2010 to 2050, the world is coming to bus, train and rail time. Timing like cable car, ferry and flight are very specified app by 2015.

Most data will be in the train schedule found in Google.

"One trait of the Mongols was their nomadic yen to keep on the move, seeking more loot and slaves. Having expanded over the known world and finally overrun China, they used the captured Song fleet with its experienced captains and crews to send expeditions overseas."

Sadly, they were unsuccessful in their venture outside China. I read their thousand of ships sank in an tsunami when they attack Japan in 1274. They also try to conquer Thailand, Myanmar, Java and Vietnam, but all failed. I wonder why.

It comes to me that I keep creating mobile app even thought they are not making much money. Just can  coffee :) At least, I am happy.

- Logo
- Nearby Page for station only.

- Map with search. As you move the map, the station appears.

- Stop with direction

- Stop with last train

- Search
a. using text search (instant result)
b. using line to stop list X

- NE line using google timing X

- Tab timing to add favorite
- Testing

- testing
- submit

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