Monday, 11 March 2013

Answer to my teen question

When I am 16, I ask the question why I can play computer games for 16 hours a day but cannot do my homework for even 5 minutes.
I figure out it is the instant response of computer game and the visual goal you see on the screen.
There is no waiting on playing rtk. You get immediate result for your every command. And you don't die easily. The goal and response are clear.
There is a long learning curve in rtk because of its many commands. They can be simplified.
Rtk does it right by letting you play forever. It has no waiting.
SimCity is stupid to have a time limit. Modern game has a 4 hours wait for carrot to grow. Asking players to leave.

There seem to be more than just goal and response. I have goal to do uk rail and I get response my map is not working right. I try a few hours and get struck. This is no fun. I am not in the flow when though I have goal and response.

In rtk, there is a visual goal and immediate response but there is getting struck at all

There is a goal and always things to do. I can recruit soldier. I can give woman to a strong general. I can recruit general from another state. I can move generals to prepare for war. There is so much to do.

When doing homework, I want to get A. But when I get struck. The flow stops. There is nothing else I can do. I have to go back and read the solution.

To get flow, it is better to do small and simple step by step. It keeps you moving. Don't get struck.

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