Monday, 8 April 2013

A better ads

If it can tell me where are the good food near me. And provide me a discount. I want to eat there. What to eat today?

The only problem is that there is not enough users at all.

If there are 1 million users a day, then business will want to come in. And to advertise based on users location.

A server is inevitable to continue serving people for free.

If the ads can answer my daily question on what to eat for lunch, I will be very happy.

If I check a word on a dictionary app and gets distracted by its irreverent ads, I will be annoyed!

If I check my mrt route, and get a recommendation for the good food at my destination, I will be very happy too.

Location and good ads.

The problem is that I receive ads that are useless to me. It distracts me from my work. I hate it when it is SMS ads. I do not mind if it is an alert from the bank or library.

If it is property ads, if it is more than 1 km away, I will not receive the ads. 80% of my ads will fall off.

If it is a food ads, it is less than 1 km, it will appear on my widget.

A dictionary that I use. The word that I check, if it is not bid, then do not show ads.

The ads and app does not share enough data. The person who does app and ads will be able to provide useful recommendation.

Bus app has info about user location, where she want to go, what time she travel.

It is better to provide no ads than to show ads that irritates users.

The property app know what type of house that I search for.. Hdb, ground, landed, location. Only ads that satisfy my search will show.

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