Monday, 8 April 2013


The fact that everything around that has life is build by someone who is not smarter than you.

Such thinking allows Steve to go into music player, phone and tablet. He thinks people who create life like Nokia, Sony, Microsoft are people who is no smarter than he is. And he changes life by creating new products that ride the power of Internet.

Is it possible to build an ads server that can better serve people?

When Polaroid dies, Kodak also dies. It is an environment change that kills all. Intell is going down and so is Microsoft and dell. Unless they can create a new products that can replace the old in another market.

Apple and google has gone up. They are all company. They have product. Apple cannot fight in desktop and laptop. It is forced to find new path. And she goes into music player, phone and pad.

Microsoft dominates PC. A monopoly will rises among individual and small companies. It will then decline and replace by company with new product. The new product replaces the old monopoly's. so the phone replaces the PC.

Steve is smart to know he could not fight in PC and got into music player. He fights Sony instead. Sony has monopoly in music player but is too new to Internet music services.

Nokia has monopoly in phone but is totally new to phone that surf the web, GPS with map, Internet services like music and YouTube.

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