Sunday, 7 April 2013


Are we prepared to not only merely tolerate but to welcome and celebrate the kinds of questioning, disruption and even disobedience that come with innovation?

Since questioning of authority, disorder and disobedience are forbidden in most confucious society, innovation does not happen. If Confucius values past over new, old over young and order over innovation, what can we do? South Korea is a Confucius society but she is doing very well in making new smartphone like Samsung note 2. What can we learn from her?

You cannot separate innovation from disobedience. If you are an innovator, compliance is not in your nature. I often want to chart a new path but I have my father business to continue. I admire people who comes from a working family. He can choose his own path. Thing should not be a problem as many great people run several companies.

It strikes me why the American app is way more innovative than Asian. The uk app is so serious. And the Japanese so orderly. Singapore app is so boring. App is still a new thing. Lets see which country will create the best.

Failure is still seen as a career-ender and not as a step on the way to developing a successful business.

Many people want success but success is made up of 99% failure. Yet I see so many young people are successful. Maybe they are minority, just that they appear on the newspaper. Most people are not successful in number.

If I can fail quickly, I would. What is consider failure? Is it when one cannot continue further, it is called a failure.

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