Sunday, 7 April 2013

Remaking of SG Buses Apr 13

The last time that I work on SG Buses is 3 months ago. There are some new developments and I will putting in
1) menu to add favorite, goto stop or bus remaining time alert
2) better GPS locator. User pin. Site test.
3) better way to identify the bus instead of bus stop. Direction info.
4) better timing and osm.
5) format for old people and people in a panic mode..:)
I will be working on Android first as I have a stronger hold. Then I will do better marketing on iOS. My app is as good as if not better than the competitors.
Every thing is free. Cost of using. How many clicks to get the answer? No need to open app at all. Ads on widget. Ads that answer difficult routine questions such as what to eat for lunch today?
The users only care if it brings what she want. To see the last train time. No scrolling. No thinking. No open of app. Just the widget. Waiting is a sin.
I would be happy if an app will recommend me what to eat today as I check my bus time. It uses my location to give suggestion on good food. Any f&b will need to give discount in order to get published.

090413 done
- added nearby os k
- add feedback and rate k
- add route and favorite menu at stop k
- site test for gps location k

- add bus remain time alert k
- fix wab k
- fix timing k
- no abs bus list in stop 1824. 4x. - no bus list 1827 4x - k

- search bus code has no stop name k
- both single widgets hang 1832 but ok at 1835 reinstall widgets
- more than 10 SEC nearby.. limit 5 sec k


- tab logo to clear and to refresh k

- fix map stop bug k
- nearest stop page k

I have worked too much hours today. I am trying out a daring nearby where the nearest stop is taken and show all the bus services. It has timing, add favorite and route all from this page. It is very hard but it is fun. 120413.

- edit bus alert arriving k
- set default 5 min alert k
- on stop stop tasks k
- fix nearby page k
- add timing web k
- use London tube design k
- open when tab notification k

- add last bus menu k
- 10 sec last out k

- slide for next nearby stop k

- change green to yellow k
- add user pin k
- a 1x1 favorite, a 3x2 favorite k

- marketing on iOS
- large font for old people and panic mode
- return stop at route
- favorite and stop in group table

Manage to finish my design for this round from 090413 to 160413. Today some incident happens. It turns out one of my latest version causes crashes in widget and app. 4 users give me 1 star. 2 users email me. After 4 hours, I figure out there is not bug in my code. The crash is caused by google play. It is changing to a new site on today too. And my app is some how damaged while I upload to her new site.

Wow! I could really feel my users. I hope they quickly get up and start using sg buses delight 2 again. And the question returns, where do I go from here next?


030513. It takes about 2 weeks before I can make my latest changes good to use. And users are giving 5 stars again. From 130413 to 010513. Almost 3 weeks. I suffers about 5 1 stars. Drop to 4.2 but now is gaining reputation and download rate. I really thank my users for their faith in my work.

Once again Joselyne has helped me see why my users is struck with my app. She could not see the menu at the bottom of the screen. I added a context menu. There is no way a user can miss the menu especially the arrival time.

Summary of her helps
1. See what to do with the app -> hint to tab bus number for waiting time
2. See which is the right bus stop -> open to the nearest stop with destination
3. See what happen to tab the menu -> use a context menu

Connie has helped
1. See blank when use indoor -> alert to open location setting
2. See what is the C sign -> use image in text

It is so easy. All it take is a user willing to use my app in my presence.

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