Monday, 22 April 2013

Sg buses delight site test 230413

- add stopName for search stopid k 2404
- add edit stopName for add favorite k 24
- gps location add expiry date k 23
- remove toast on add fav
- site test k

- add GPS accuracy best k
- add expiry date k
- add feedback, email to friends k
- site test k

Sg mrt delight
- preload map k 2404
- scroll view k 2504
- map from stop k
- site test k
- at bugis, it says city hall till stadium.
- nearby to route is wrong k
- duplicate route at nearby k
- locate 2 times to get paya lebar!

Overall ok except at bugis commercial complex, its GPS struck at kallang. Use Google map and the GPS location is updated.

Under smu first floor, it uses network as hidden by GPS.

As for iOS, the GPS is totally off to geylang. Look like there is some work to be done on iPhone version. It has to be 5m accuracy.

Sg mrt delight still ok on first try. Try at bras basa mrt platform, it shifts to city hall then esplanade. At paya lebar basement platform, it says still at Mountbatten. Up to b1, I try google map, it shifts to paya lebar after refresh location. Then my app goes to paya lebar on second try. :)

I really envy smu student. They have such a nice environment to study. Coffee shop, basement hall, nature park. They only lack a 40 story hostel where student can stay and do their project and unintentionally cultivate her culture.

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